Review | DISCONTINUED Anastasia Beverly Hills “Gleam” Glow Kit

A little disclaimer – I don’t know for sure if this product has been discontinued or not, but I’m like 95% sure it has been. I checked on the Sephora, Ulta, and Anastasia Beverly Hills websites, and while they all had Sun Dipped and That Glow in stock, they sadly didn’t have this glow kit. Norvina, bring it back…maybe sell individual pans?


This Anastasia Beverly Hills palette was my first MAJOR purchase in the world of makeup. As a notorious saver-not-spender of my own money, before I bought this in June, the bulk of what I owned in terms of makeup was either ancient and handed down to me from my mom, or a drugstore dupe. The most expensive thing I had bought up to that point was a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (which I totally recommend, by the way), which costs $20. That’s not a lot in Sephora.

The moment my friend introduced me to them, I loved highlighters. It was like easy contour to me (still is), and it was sparkly. Immediately, I was on the hunt for a highlighter to buy. Briefly, I considered NYX’s Illuminator – it was cheap and made by one of my favorite drugstore brands. But I kind of wanted something more high-end, something that wasn’t just okay but was really WOW. After research, I landed on a liquid illuminator by Benefit Cosmetics called High Beam. I went into Macy’s with a birthday gift card and clear intentions, and left with…this palette and a wallet that was $40 lighter.

The minute I first swatched this, I fell in love. The four shades offered, Mimosa, Hard Candy, Starburst, and my personal favorite, Crushed Pearl, complimented my pale, basically white skin, and gave a little more variety – y’know, spice up your life. Eventually, being the cheapskate I am, I sold my friend the pan with the shade Mimosa in it for $10, which is why there’s a container with no pan in it in the picture above. If you want to see a swatch and the pan, here’s a photo.

Below are the three shades I do have in natural lighting, swatched with a damp brush to pick up maximum glow (as the packaging of the glow kit says).

Wow, aren’t they pretty? They’re so pigmented and super easy to apply – just sweep over your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow. Also, they can be lightly applied for a more natural look, or built up for a super dramatic YouTube beauty guru glow. Starburst really gives you a nice, flushed fresh look when applied lightly. I tend to use Hard Candy mostly as a sparkly blush. It looks a little similar, dare I say, to NARS Orgasm (swatch in the link), but with more of a silvery shimmer instead of a peachy pink.

However, Crushed Pearl is my real go-to. Even a light layer makes you look super sculpted, and when you build it up, it instantly makes you look like a super glam queen of cheekbones. It looks great on me, and I would 10/10 recommend this shade for anyone with super pale skin, regardless of your undertone.

Below is a picture of a teeny little bit of Crushed Pearl on bare skin.


The con to this highlighter, as you can probably see on the swatches, is that it will basically magnify everything that is wrong with your skin. In my case, it’s that my skin is super dry. If you have a few bumpies and lumpies, you have make sure to cover them up with a full coverage foundation and some concealer before you apply.

Overall, I definitely recommend this highlighter, especially if you have pale or cool toned skin. It’s very versatile. However, I would make sure to note to cover up blemishes before applying.

Bring it back, Anastasia Beverly Hills!



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